How do they work?

LingerPrints® will remain black until they reach the reaction temperature at 84ºF and above. Your hands will warm the neck the longer you play and LingerPrints® will react faster the closer they get to the reaction temperature. If the ambient temperature in the room exceeds the reaction temperature, the decals will change colors without touching them.

Are they easy to install?

Installation is as easy as peel and stick and should only take about 20 minutes. You can apply them without even removing your strings (you do have to loosen them).

What guitars are compatible? 

LingerPrints® will fit guitars with a 25.5" scale length. To figure out the scale length, measure the length of the string starting at the nut and ending at the bridge. They are designed as "one-size-fits-all" due to the variance of fret size and spacing on different guitars. 

Are they removable?

Yes, LingerPrints® are removable, but they cannot be reused once applied. To remove, pick at a corner with your fingernail and peel up slowly. If any adhesive is left on the fretboard you can rub it off with just your hand, no solvent needed. In certain situations, when removing, the clear top layer can separate, leaving just the backing and adhesive on the fretboard. If that happens, just pick and peel, it comes off easily.

Will they damage my guitar neck?

If you have a rosewood or ebony neck it will not be affected by LingerPrints® since these do not have a finish. Maple necks will not be affected as long as the finish wasn't chipped or peeling prior to applying LingerPrints®.

What else is included?

The package also includes 2 rectangles which are intended to cover the space on the fretboard beyond the last fret, or fitting an irregular fret that is outside of the standard measurements. There may be cutting required.